H.T. dyeing machine (without the cylinder head design)
Model:SYQ series
Product introduction:Specially designed for low tension fabrics such as elastic fiber and jacquard fabric, suitable for dyeing, pretreatment and post-treatment of natural fiber, synthetic fiber pure spinning and blended knitted or woven fabric.
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Modular design is adopted on the SYQ series dyeing machine. Regarding to the characteristics of different fabrics, Single / Double nozzles with plaiting chamber design is available to be selected and configured.

The newly designed ‘U’-shaped fabric guiding tube can effectively release the internal stress of fabric and facilitate its shrinkage.

With the design of large diameter and wrap angle, the gripping force of lifter reel device is increased, the lifting height is shorter and the fabric running tension is lower.

The pressure of the front and rear nozzles can be adjusted in proportion to the analog quantity, and the parameters of machine running can be adjusted according to different fabric types.

Fabric will be impregnated twice in the ‘U’-shaped fabric guiding tube for the sake of better dyeing liquid exchange and dyeing effect.ing for tangling.

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