H.T. Liquid Flow Dyeing Machine
Model:UFH plus series
Product introduction:Specially designed for dyeing 100% cotton and blending. Optimized fabric storage chamber plus X-Y plaiter, from light fabrics to heavy fabrics can smooth running.
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Double nozzle
Double nozzle, double pump, and dual inverter control system. Each nozzle can adjust the nozzle pressure according to different fabrics to ensure the style of the fabric.
Quick collecting dyeing liquid system
Shorten dyeing liquid circulation cycle, increase washing efficiency then keeps higher rinsing ratio and better evenness, achieve ultra-low liquor ratio.
Second circulation system
Unique dosing system, speed up the dilution rate, greatly reduce the possibility of chromatism and unevenness dyeing, high dyeing reproducibility.
Auto lint collecting device
The programmable lint collecting device keeps the amount of lint to a minimum, so that the lint of dyeing liquid is fully filtered to ensure the quality of the fabric surface and save manpower.

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