Technological Part:

1. Son-tech will absorb technical personnel from home and abroad each year.

2. The technological value of Son-tech’s products is continuing to improve and be renewed.

3. Son-tech’s general concept of technology is expanding to product technology, application technology and core technology.


Cultural Part:

1. Culture is brand. Culture is the invisible power to shape the brand.

2. Culture is competitiveness. And it should be enterprise’s core competencies and be the leading force for innovation.

3. Culture is unity. It’s the trust that enables enterprise to grow steadily.


Son-tech’s Globalization:

Son-tech’s products are based on domestic market and are marching forward to countries all over the world. So far, it has been widely recognized.     

Son-tech has set up the plan to develop globally and has contributed itself to recruiting excellent and suitable talents.

Son-tech pursuits top-ranking management systems and standards.


Our Values

I. Human Concept: We do not only create color, but also care about our environment. In the pursuit of making profit for our clients, we also focus on social benefit and environmental protection.

II Client Concept: We shall not stay at the level of satisfying clients for their basic requirements, and we will work harder to find potential demands from clients and fulfill it for them. We shall also find our values when servicing for clients.

III. Product Concept: We treat quality as enterprise’s life. Quality is what wins the market. It’s the essence to promote brand value. And innovation makes our products special.

IV. Talent Concept: We give employees a stage to show their values, and pursue team values at the same time. Try to blend staff’s core values in enterprise’s development. Talents’ promotion is like this: recruitment, programming, training, improvement and realization of self-values.

V. Management Concept: Combine marketing information, clients’ requirement and enterprise development together. Using our best quality and favorable service to gain a win-win situation with the clients.

VI. Competition Concept: Take competition as our motivation to drive innovation and our competitor a resource to further development.

VII. Core Values: Integrity, Service, Win-win and Gratitude.